Sunday, April 26, 2009


Everyone is talking about Swine Flu and rightfully so. It's bad stuff.

I read in this morning's paper that the CDC recommends testing those for Swine Flu who have flu like symptoms.

This makes me wonder. How did they come up with a test for Swine Flu? Is it like a multiple choice test?

Do you have a craving for:
a. Barbecued tofu
b. Kentucky Fried Chicken
c. A thick juicy steak
d. Pigs Feet

If you picked D you've got Swine Flu!

If you picked A you need to see a psychiatrist.

Or is the test something that is administered by a physician.

Physician: Can you squeal like a pig?

Patient: Sure thing!

Physician: Hmmmm, let me see now. Can you oink like a pig?

Patient: Sure, wanna hear it? I just love getting on all fours and oink and squeal like a pig! Watch me, watch me, watch me!

Physician: You've got Swine Flu!

Or could it be that one could self test for Swine Flu?

Do you:
A. Like to wallow in the mud?
B. Call "Here piggie, piggie! Here Piggie!" when you want the family to sit down for dinner?
C. Have all of your dinner plates been chucked and replaced with troughs?
D. Do you squeal with glee when watching Porky Pig cartoons?

And you thought diagnosing an illness like Swine Flu was rocket science.
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DNA said...

Don't forget the bacon!

Bob said...


Anonymous said...

What I wanna know...(and you have inspired me for today's post Bob!) is where is Michael Moore today? Why is he not doing a documentary on how we are very sick here in the US but they are dropping like flies in Mexico....

OK, you have revved up the engines here Bob...gotta go post a Rant!

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