Thursday, April 16, 2009


Like anyone else there are things in this life that I do very well and there are things that I screw up royally because I can't do them at all.

Take chicken on the grill for example. Bob can cook chicken on grill like no one else. There's an art to it. Chicken on the grill usually comes out, when grilled by amateurs, burned and dry as a bone or raw in the middle . . . like chicken sushi.

When I cook chicken it's usually a split or two on the grill - or half a chicken. There's the leg, wing, thigh and breast. No fooling around with separate pieces. Only one piece or two to keep track of.

Salt. Pepper. Garlic powder. Sprinkled and rubbed onto the split. That's it. Sometimes I'll place the split into a pool of lime juice for an hour. That adds a special flavor you'll not find in any restaurant.

Gas grill with three burners. Fire up all three until the grill is at 500 degrees plus. Put the chicken on the middle of the grill, turn the middle burner off. Leave all of the burners on high.

Cook the split breast up for 20 minutes. Turn and cook the breast side down for another 20. Bang! Done. Perfection.

I guess if you have a charcoal Q you could bank the coals around the sides and place the split on the middle of the grill. The idea is not have any any direct flame on the split. If there is you've definitely got FIRE IN THE HOLE! and burned chicken that tastes like smoked sawdust. YUCK!

So, now you know. There's no longer any excuse for burned or raw grilled chicken. It's ain't rocket science, people.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like some grilled chicken. Ok.. Some Um- I'll have to print that out. What if I don't want bones in my chicken. What then? What's the boneless instructions?

Bob said...

Boneless/skinless chicken is another story as I can never get around keeping them from sticking onto the grill. They say that bones do add flavor. . .

Anonymous said...

Bob, That is a great technique and I will have to try it. Usually my chicken doesn't go on the grill unless it spends a day in the Marinade of choice....

Bob said...

Fox: I've learned that acid marinades with a lot of lemon or lime in them actually start to chemically cook the chicken if you leave it sit for a long period of time. Not good if you're looking for sushi chicken.

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