Thursday, April 30, 2009


Until I read this morning's San Francisco paper I had not heard of Bob Log III.

"Bob Log III sure is an odd creature. During his performances, the one-man band sports a cannonball suit and motorcycle helmet to conceal his identity and likes to down glasses of "Boob Scotch, " a concoction that requires a female audience member to stir his drink with her you-know-what.

An early press release from Fat Possum also claimed that Log had a monkey's paw grafted onto his wrist after a childhood boating accident, a rumor he later stated was false.

On the flip side, the Tucson native can ship up some blown-out Delta blues with that slide guitar of his. His latest on Bloat Records is called "My Shit Is Perfect." Need we say more?" SF Chronicle 04/30/2009

So here's Bob getting his Boob Scotch stirred.

Isn't this something that guys named Bob would do?! I want this job!!

Bob's song, "I Want Your Shit On My Leg" requires two ladies to sit each knee.

I think whoever sits on Bob's knee has to have first slammed a few.

You have to admit, this guy does have great ideas.

Check You Tube for Bob Log III to catch his music. It's interesting.
Yet one more example of why it's great being "Bob".
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La Roo said...

You've opened my eyes to the world of Bobs.

Max Watson said...

Wow. This guy's quite the character. Can't make out his vocals though, which means I could have a future in music.

Bob said...

Laroo: Keep your eyes open. The surface of the world of Bobs has only been scratched.

Max: I'll look forward to doing Care EEE Oakie with you in Seoul sometime.

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