Monday, April 13, 2009

My Review of Firewood Rack Cover


Firewood covers keep cordwood clean and dry!
Protect your wood from the elements with a Brookstone firewood rack cover. Made from heavy-duty, rip-stop vinyl, these covers protect your wood from whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Order one of these log rack covers today and improve yo...


Bob Redding CA 4/13/2009


1 5

Gift: No

Cons: Product fails, Not Weather Proof, Poorly Made

Best Uses: Patios

Describe Yourself: High-end Shopper

Primary use: Personal

Here's the product description for this cover: "This cover is so durable it won’t crack, even in extreme temperatures." I bought two of these covers in September 2008 and in April 2009 portions of both covers have cracked. There is a 30 day warranty on this product. Since the 30 days have come and gone more than a couple of times I've been told there are no provisions for replacement or for a refund. For 40 bucks a piece you'd be better off to buy two 5 buck tarps to cover your Brookstone rack with.

Yes, They Do Crack!


: Picture of Product



Anonymous said...

Doesn't this fall under false advertisement?

Bob said...

Exactly. I mentioned that to the service rep and she said that my opinion would be passed on to her supervisor. Translated: No one cares about what I think or that the product had failed.

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