Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Logan's mom called Sunday morning to see if he could come over for after school play time with Gracie.

Logan and Grace are really good friends. It was a no brainer for Wifey to accept the offer for Logan to play at our house Monday afternoon.

After the telephone call from Logan's mom Wifey called Grace at her mother's mom and tell her the good news.

Grace hollered. She whooped. It was a pretty big deal for Logan to come over after school. Apparently Logan had the same response.

I need to tell Grace not to scratch her butt like she's doing in this picture when she's on a "date".

I was off buying a sailboat and arrived home long after these two had their fill of each other.

The kids played in our little backyard creek.
They checked out insects. Logan knew all about the life cycle of a ladybug. Pretty impressive for a six year old kid. Even Wifey learned something about ladybugs.

Unlike the photo of Grace scratching her butt in the first photo she knows well to keep her legs crossed when sitting down. A girl has to do what her grandmother has taught her to do and she does it very well.

Our oak trees are loaded with caterpillars much like the one Grace is holding.

It's nice to see kids play. They play as if they have no cares or worries. And they really don't. That's one of the blessings of being six.

We should all have a pal come over "after school" to play. That would make for a better world and a better you.

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Max Watson said...

Don't all cowtown girls scratch their butts when on a date? I thought that was just what they did...

Bob said...

Hahahahaha! Now that's a good one, Max. You're sooo right.

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