Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Yesterday Wifey had a cyst in the corner of her right eye which was excised by her Ophthalmologist.

Three Novocaine injections to the lid. Scalpel. Incision. Lots of blood. Lots. Cyst is no more. A ton of pain for about 6 hours.

Wifey is well and on the mend a day later.

Speaking of "that" check this hole-lee woman out here. Yikes! From what I understand she's holds the record (who keeps track of that?!) for having the most piercings. What an honor.

I'm thinking she'd never get by Homeland Security in any airport.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! Life is happier with codeine!

Max Watson said...

They say it's addictive, the adrenaline rush you get from piercing. This chick needs rehab!

La Roo said...

So sorry wifey had to go through that. Oh god that doesn't sound like fun. That's a sensitive area.

I almost fainted getting my ears pierced. :) Anyone for a prince Albert?

Jes said...

Jeez. My mom bitches about 1 tiny little tattoo.

She doesn't know about the others. HAHAHAHA!!!

Bob said...

Fox: Yup!

Max: And a plastic surgeon.

LaRoo: A prince Albert?

Jes: Poor mom . . . if she only knew! Say, did you ever think about getting her a tat for her birthday? Now who can refuse a gift like that?

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