Saturday, April 25, 2009


When my PC is down and not working I feel naked and disconnected from the world. I use the laptop but it's just not the same. Everything electronic is on the PC.

Wednesday's service call by Nerds on Call:

Tech: We'll need to take your PC into the shop for more diagnostics. Tell you what, I'll call you later today or early tomorrow to talk about what we've found.

Wednesday and Thursday morning comes and goes with no phone calls from the Nerds on Call.

Thursday afternoon I call:

Operator: They've been pretty busy in meetings today. I'll let the tech know you called and call you back.

Thursday afternoon and evening comes and goes with no return call.

Friday morning 9:00 a.m.:

Operator: Oh, didn't I call you yesterday afternoon? Sorry. I'll check and see what's happening to your PC.

I'm put on hold.

Operator: He's working on it right now. He'll call when he's finished.

I'm thinking that the PC has not been touched since Wednesday. Bob's been shitted again.

Late Friday afternoon there's still no return call with an update from the tech so I call again.

Operator: I'll check and see where he is with your machine.

I'm put on hold.

Operator: They're still working on it.

Me: Will I have it back today?

Operator: I'm not sure. The tech will call you when he knows more.

6:30 p.m. Friday

Operator: The tech will deliver your PC between 4 and 4:30 Monday afternoon. Will you be home?

I just love getting the run around.

The laptop will just have to do until late Monday.

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gplarkin said...

Get a mac!

Bob said...

Would that Mac be with or without fries?

Max Watson said...

The thing with computers, even Macs, is that over time problems accumulate. With Windows it was long ago coined "PWD", Progressive Windows Disorder. Basically, every so often you just need to reinstall Windows and start fresh. Unfortunately this isn't a task for most people. On the other hand, I've messed around with beta copies of the upcoming Windows 7, and it's contained or found the necessary device drivers for everything in both my computers. I think with Windows 7 that more people will be able to cure their own PWD. Though you still have to go through the process of re-installing all of your other software again.

gplarkin said...

Perhaps that's what Bob needs too. He's been around for a while. PBD.

Bob said...

That would be Progressive Butt Disorder . . . or, that would be in the butt, Bob....

Anonymous said...


The real problem here is that they are not setting your expectations correctly. They tell you..."We will call you..." and then never do.

See if you can return the favor when its time to pay them...

Bob said...

Check's in the mail, people. Checks in the mail.

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