Monday, April 06, 2009


I hate layovers. Waiting for the next flight can be deadly especially if it's more than a two hour wait. If I have the laptop along I play games and if there's wireless access to the Net check and write e-mail, read the news and what have you.

Then there's my favorite airport pass time: The white courtesy telephone paging service.

Operator: Who would you like paged?

Me: Mr. Cheese. Mr. Mac N. Cheese.

Operator: Thank you.

A couple of moments later: "Mr. Cheese. Mr. Mac. N. Cheese, white courtesy telephone please.
I check out the reaction. People look at each other and snicker. They know. Ahh, success.

I have quite the list of people who I have paged.

Mr. E. Gress
Ms. V. A. Gina
Dr. E. Nuff
Mr. E. Coli
Mrs. Dee Part

You get the idea.

Oh yeah, the picture here. Heck, I'm the master of getting kids to behave. When in doubt, put 'em in cuffs and BOOK 'EM DANNO! (like in Hawaii Five O).

Happy Monday.
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Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO Bob! Next time make sure you page:

Amanda Huggenkiss


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