Monday, April 20, 2009


Grace and Wifey headed north last week to visit relatives. Wifey's aunt and cousin both own horse ranches. Mention visit to a horse ranch around Grace and she'll gallop around the house for hours.

So, here the two are, self portrait by Wifey, by the candy machine in their hotel.

Here's the indoor pool. It rains a lot in Oregon. Why get rained on while you swim. . . . that does make sense, doesn't it?

Grace's mom won't buy her a two piece swim suit. Guess who she worked on to buy one for her especially for the trip to Oregon?

Here's Grace's cousin with "Lady".

Grace: Let me have the reins. I'm gonna gallop this horse all around the arena.

Cousin Lisa: Don't you think that it might help keep you on the horse if your feet reached the stirrups? The first giddy-up is going to land you smack dab on your butt, Cuz.

Grace: Oh.

Wifey and Grace took time out a nearby lake. The beauty of Oregon is overwhelming.

They can keep their rain.

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evalinn said...

Wow, she´s cute! :-)

Anonymous said...

So what does this mean Bob? Are you back at home flying solo? Is this a Bachelor week? Party at your place?

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