Thursday, April 09, 2009


It once was said that Hippies never showered. Never had the time. Always stoned. VW vans didn't have showers. Hippies always stunk like some kind of oil to hide B.O. You've heard this.

If being a hippie means never showering then I'll never make the grade. Got to have a shower to start the day. The day does not start unless Bob has done his P.T.A. thing in the shower. In case you didn't know PTA stands for pits, tits and ass. But I also hit all the other spots.

The California drought and our community water services is putting a crimp in the length of time that I can shower. Wallowing in hot, soapy, steamy shower water for 20 minutes is my way of saying hello to my day. With the drought the water police have put everyone on notice that they have to cut their water use by 20%. If the drought goes on that 20% will most likely turn into 40% less water use.

The logical way to cut water has to be less time doing my PTA gig every morning. It's recommended that a 4 minute shower is plenty. For the past week Bob turns on the egg timer that's set to 4 minutes, waits one of the four minutes for the water to heat up and then hits it. I'm thinking that less water with shorter showers might just make up the 20% reduction.

Four minute showers can be done. Yesterday I showered, shaved while showering, wiped down the shower, got out, dried myself and still had a minute left on the timer. Am I good or what?

Bob, the 4 Minute Shower Poster Boy.

With all the water we're saving I can invite wandering hippies over to shower.

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La Roo said...

We like fresh Bob!!!

Jes said...

4 minute showers?!? I might as well join the military! I could never do it.

I'd conserve my 20% by only drinking beer. :-)

Bob said...

Laroo: I like fresh, too. Can't live without it.

Jes: Hahahahah. I knew you'd have better solution to save a little water and I'll drink to just that!

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