Monday, April 13, 2009


To think this all started in August 2006. Here I am at post number 950. If nothing else Bob has been consistent over the years when other blogger have come, gone and come again only to finally fade out. Blogging is like that.

Posting today.

To hell with posting tomorrow.

Bob is still looking for the sailboat. I won't write any more about it until that damn boat is found, bought and sitting in the lake.

I did see this little beauty in the photo just down the hill from the house. Isn't that about the cutest little sailboat you've ever seen? There's room enough for Bob, some sandwiches and beer. No room for anyone or anything else. I might just buy this boat for fun.

As for the Catalina 250, there are several offers in the works. One in Nevada. One in Los Angeles. And another in Portland if neither one of the first two don't work out. Catalina 250's are hard to find. There's like five for sale on the west coast.

That's all I'm going to say.

Not bad for 950 posts.

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evalinn said...

Congrats on staying tuned!

What lake will the boat be sitting in?

Bob said...

Evalinn: More to come. . . I hope.

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