Friday, February 13, 2009


Wednesday was Wifey Party Day.

Grace loved the card she bought for Wifey. There's something about a cat with a ciggie in its mouth that tickles the funny bone.

Grace laughed and laughed and laughed.
In this picture Dawn just had to hold up the mouse pad I had made for Wifey. It was taken in November on Grace's sixth birthday.
One candle on the cake was plenty. Why put all of them on the cake and burn the house down?

Wifey, with Grace's help, made a Gluten free cake that was sandwiched with coffee ice cream and chocolate covered nuts.
Son Max, held hostage by love and work in Seoul, Fed-Ex'ed a plant to Wifey: White Narcissus or Paper Whites.

They're a particular favorite of Wifey's as White Narcissus once grew in her grandmother's yard.

At the end of her special day Wifey was all smiles.

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Anonymous said...

See? That's Awesome! Good show Bob! The Mousepad was a great idea.

Here is hoping that after wifey got all her presents that you got yours....

La Roo said...

Your wifey and my hubbys birthdays are almost the same. His was today.

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