Tuesday, February 17, 2009


At the start of every day:

Get out of bed. Open the garage door. Pick up the newspapers in the driveway. Go back in and read the papers.

This morning it's raining cats and dogs . Raining cats and dogs sounds like this:



So as not to get really wet I run out to pick up the papers, pick them up, and run back into the garage.

Bob the Dumb Shit forgot that bare feet on our garage floor makes for a slippery surface. I slip, fall, hit my head on the rear bumper of Wife's car with one elbow trying to make a dent in the concrete floor. Nothing broken except for a blasting head and neck ache.

Busting my ass this morning was an interesting way to start out a Tuesday and served as a reminder not to run in the house or in the garage. There are reasons for rules, you know.

It has rained nearly non stop for just about a week. We've gotten well over 7 inches of rainfall at the house. All of the precipitation this past week doesn't mean the drought is over. But it does mean the run-off is adding water to the lakes and the snow that's falling in the surrounding mountains will eventually add water, too.

I'll bet the fish are happy.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch Bob! You made MY head hurt with that one...please do be careful. Next thing I know you will be knocked with some type of Amnesia or something....

Max Watson said...

I think you've found a new spring project: garage floor resurfacing.

La Roo said...

Oh good lord dude, are you OK?

Ducking Little said...

I have to say aggh! Could have been bad. I slipped like that when I was 19 and I still have scars! Hope you are OK. Now I feel I have to revisit your blog shortly to check that you are still alive..

Bob said...

Fox: I need one of those alert buttons to wear around my neck. You know the kind - help! I've fallen! And I can't get the hell up!!

Max: I'll be too busy sailing with you to do things like that.

Laroo: Bob is always okay.

Ducking Little: Keep visiting, please. It's nice to have you on board.

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