Thursday, February 26, 2009


Son Max doctored a picture I sent him of the sailboat we're considering to buy. You can see that he's made something out of Impatient. Max's idea would save a little money on lettering and be cause for snickering on the water from other sailors.

Snick. Snick. Or would that be SOL (snicker out loud)?

This kid is as warped as his father.

We're driving to Lake Tahoe tomorrow to see the Impatient Impotent (Now that has a ring to it).

Sunday we'll see a second boat in Sacramento. Both are close to new Catalina 250's with a wing keel.

The weather tomorrow in Tahoe should be like this, sunny and somewhat warm after a month long string of clouds and rain.

We'll give the boat a thorough check and then head back to Cowtown.
Catalina 250's are study boats, nearly impossible to sink or swamp and sail fairly decently.
Some 250's have wheel steering as you see here with the Impatient Impotent sailing on Lake Tahoe. I'd prefer tiller steering (rudder on a stick, if you will) but would consider this boat if it's in near perfect condition.

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Anonymous said...

That is a nice looking vessel. Much luck with it Bob! I do hope it turns out good for ya!

La Roo said...

Don't know anything about boats, but you have definitely opened my eyes a little more.

Rachel said...

Wow, that is exciting!!!

Max Watson said...

Soooo.... What was the outcome of the boat expedition?

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