Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Got any bad habits? One my many is rolling through red lights and stop signs. Why now? Rolling through saves gas and wear and tear on the brakes.

There's a favorite stop sign of mine that I never stop at and just roll through it. It's at the dead end of a street that intersects a avenue that runs by the backside of City Hall.

I figure why stop if I look to the left when I'm turning right? Since it's a dead end no one is coming at me or turning into my path. It's just what's on the left I need to look for. Why stop?

Yesterday I roll through my favorite roll through stop sign. As I round the corner after blowing the stop there sits two motorcycle cops.

As I pass by one shakes his head at me. You know, the shake of the head that indicates disbelief.
The cop other waves.

I smile, wave back, let out a sigh of relief and start thinking about making my favorite roll through stop a complete stop on every visit from now on.

Knowing that I'll get some grief I wait until today to tell Wifey about my rolling stop, wave at the cops, not get a ticket experience.

Wifey: You dumb shit! You didn't stop?! I always stop.

Wifey makes me feel like I'm in first grade and like she just caught me taking cuts in the lunch line.

I never call Wifey names but for some reason she feels comfortable with calling me a dumb shit. Just like in first grade I want to say back, I know you are but what am I?!

So there.

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