Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Zeenie is a trained and certified pet therapy dog. Both Zeen and Wifey visit assisted care facilities, hospitals and schools. There's nothing like a warm fuzzy puppy to help chase the blues and the hurts away.

Saturday the pair were part of a therapy dog exhibition at the Cowtown Mall. Here you see them manning (puppying?) the local pet therapy organization booth.

It's Wifey's birthday today. We'll have breakfast out this morning. Grace has ballet late afternoon. When she's finished with her lesson there will be dinner out for the three of us and along with some of the kids. Dessert, birthday cards and presents will be at our home right after dinner.

It will be, as in this picture, a SAY CHEESE! sort of day.

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Shells Bells said...

That is one cute pup!

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