Monday, February 02, 2009


It is 3 in the afternoon on a Monday and 76 degrees on the back deck. For those not in America 76 Fahrenheit degrees translated is 24.4 Celsius. That's mo dinger warm for February.

It's been warm for weeks. Accordingly, a lot of plants are blooming or leafing out. Such is the case is the ornamental pear tree in the backyard.

I walk out into the yard this morning and hear all sorts of buzzing. Bees are pollinating the pear tree big time.

I could go for a little cross polination myself but Wifey would toss me out the house. She's soooo understanding about most everything except when it comes to cross pollination.

Me in the local watering hole:

Me: Hey Babe, wanna cross pollinate?

Babe: Geeze, what's that all about? What planet are you from anyway?

Me with wide eyed puppy dog expression: Mars?

Some of us are better off staying married and leave the cross pollination to the experts.

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Jes said...

I certainly don't miss the winters back East!!!

Bob said...

Jes: You'll still see a lot of winter during this trip around the USA you're on. Stay warm and watch that driving with your feet!

twilite said...

Hi Bob! Wow! Spring is here already? Great pics of blossoms on tree! Good day.

Bob said...

Lea: Thanks!

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