Monday, February 16, 2009



It's been a while since there's been a post on how and why Bob keeps chasing his tail and never comes up with a sailboat.

If you know Bob then you know that he never gives up the ship. It may be slow but it's steady as we go, my mates. Loose faith in ye old skipper and I'll have thee walking the plank!

Arrr! Harrrr!

Here's the latest. It's a Lake Tahoe boat and only sailed on that body of water. No need to worry about salt water corrosion. This boat, a 2000 model Catalina 250, has not been sailed for two years and is sitting in dry storage.


How utterly appropriate.

Next steps: Travel to Lake Tahoe next weekend, weather permitting, check her out and go from there.

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Rachel said...

Best of luck Sailor Bob.

Too cute photos below by the way.


Max Watson said...

Missing in the "next steps": Check into a clean hotel in Lake Tahoe, play Blackjack all night, consume free booze!

La Roo said...

I liked the idea of you coming south to look at a boat and us getting to meet you much better.
Bob good luck with Lake Tahoe though.
Oh, uh.... I think walking the plank sounds a little erotic. :)

Bob said...

Rachel: Thanks.

Max: Yup, that's exactly right.

Laroo: You always have the greatest ideas.

Anonymous said...

Looks sexy as hell! Good luck to ya Bob! Hope you get her for a song and a dance.

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