Monday, February 23, 2009


Or is it Glory Hole? That's it. Whatever you call it, in Cowtown they call a hole in the ground that's used to empty a lake of excess water a Glory Hole. In other places this term has a very different meaning. Very.

Here we are on Saturday at Lake Cowtown. The Glory Hole is way above the level of the lake when it should be filling with water. That said, this lake has far more water than Shasta Lake (as proof of the difference check my 1/16/2009 post).

Saturday we had a surprise visit from two former students who had driven four hours north to see us and the kids. A visit to is part of Bob's tour package whenever we have out-of-town-visitors. I always have to show off our Glory Hole.

Here you see Rod on the left, daughter Dawn and Roland on the right. Rod and Roland are brothers. They were both great kids when they were in school. And now they're great grown-ups.

That's President Kennedy on the billboard behind them. The President dedicated Lake Cowtown just before he was assassinated. It's said that he kept Marilyn under wraps and sitting in the limo (or in the trunk) during the dedication.

Rod's first day of school in my class. He's all of six years old, maybe seven.

I take roll. I come to Rod's name who, on the roll sheet is listed as Roderick.

Me: Roderick?

Rod: Here.

Me: Being a Roderick isn't going to cut it in my class. From now on you're Rod.

Rod: (Gulp!). Oh, okay Mr. Bob.

Fortunately, even though this change of name still sticks in his mind, all of Rod's other memories of his time in my classroom were positive. He still remembers some of our art projects and how much fun we used to have every school day.

Teachers should be remembered by their students and not forgotten. After all, they are a large part of the foundation of our country.

And if you can read this, thank a teacher.

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Anonymous said...

Have you been reading my rants? Bob, I think teachers are one of the most underpaid professions ever...

DNA said...

You're welcome. ;D

Bob said...

Fox: I think you've forgotten what I do for a living.

DNA: Well, thank you.

Jes said...

I don't think I have to tell you exactly where my dirty mind went to the second I saw the sign that said 'glory hole." ;) I'm totally making it a goal to get my picture taken with that one day!

It speaks volumes about you that after all these years former students would go so far out of their way to visit you. That's so awesome!

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