Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Dad would say in the midst of one of his pissed off rages, "I'm going to knock some sense into your head!"

After Dad knocked what he thought was sense into my head I didn't feel any smarter than I did before he did that.

Hello Dad? I just banged the hell out of my head in the garage and feel just as senseless as I have always felt. Duh.

Wifey was sympathetic last night over my slip, slide, knock the head episode. Mine was a raging headache that wouldn't stop. We have like killer pain drugs left over from this and that. Even they wouldn't stop the pain. So I asked Wifey if I could take the cure.

Okay, the cure. Blue Sapphire up. A New York steak. No veggies. Only cow sushi. I'm ready for the cure.

VOILA! Today it's all roses. No headache. Feeling great. Bob is ready to hit his head again to qualify for another steak dinner, hold the veggies and mass consumption of Blue Sapphire.

Cow sushi and Blue Sapphire: It's good for what ails ya.


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Jes said...

YUM!! I would've skipped the pills and gone straight for the cure!!! Blue Sapphire is better than any pain meds!

Bob said...

Jes: You are sooo right. I knew we had something in common.

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