Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Live on the Grammy's Red Carpet Sunday night. TV Guide seemed to have the best and liveliest coverage.

I forgot the name of the guy in the hat but I liked what was on his head, the glasses, the coat, the hair and of course, the bling 'cause if you ain't got the bling then you ain't no thing. I just had to snap these photos.

People that display their personalities like this guy . . . it's a good thing. So he must have a name to go with it. Right? I just forget what it is.

Musicians these days have interesting names. It's not like back in the day where you might change your real name to something memorable.

If I were to start recording my music I'd have to have a special name. Got that all picked out before I even got my band and my bling together.

Got the name all picked out: Z-Bobby-OH! and the Sixth Street Enema Douche Bag Band.

Yup. With my new career and given the choice I'd be looking less than the cracker I am and more like this guy. I never ever really liked being white. First off, my cracker ass white skin burns easily in the summer sun. If I were of color getting sunburned easily would no longer happen.

There would be glasses. The hair, lots of it. The hat would have to be big and very special. You get the picture. Z-Bobby-OH! would, in himself, be a work of art.

It would be a beautiful thing, man.

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CozyMama said...

award shows are always fun for checking out the stars.

La Roo said...

You are a work of art Bob!
You are colorful in more ways than one and use your right brain all the time.
Plus, most of all, you entertain us and make us laugh.

Max said...

"Z-Bobby-OH! and the Sixth Street Enema Douche Bag Band" ain't gonna cut it for a rapper, it's more of a 50's greaser-gang kind of name.

How about Bobba-Wu & the 6th St. Enema Douche Bag Killa Clan?

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