Monday, June 23, 2008


We have rentals. This is one of them.

Three weeks ago a phone call to a tenant who has occupied our home for a little over a year.

Renter: Hello?

Wife: Hi. How would you like the linoleum taken up in the kitchen, the guest bath along with the carpet in the hall and the existing tile in the entry and have it replaced with 18 inch tile?

Renter: Wow! We'd love that. The time is also great since we'll be on vacation that week.

Wife: Okay, the workmen laying the tile will be there on June 23rd. Make sure your things in these areas are put up and out of the way. If you wish, place plastic sheeting around the entry from the hall to the living room. This will keep your furniture clean.

Renter: Will do.

Today I opened the rental for the workmen. The house is a shit mess. Crap piled here, laundry there, all kinds of clutter on the counter tops (including a dirty diaper on the kitchen island), kitchen cook top filthy with cooked on food all over the burner catch basins, laundry stacked mile high on the bed in the master bedroom . .. the list could go on. No plastic sheeting shielding the living room. You'd think the renters would attempt to clean the house before going on vacation well knowing the landlord would be checking the home out.

When we rented our home to the present tenants we inspected the home they were living in prior to signing a lease agreement. It was immaculate and well cared for. They're both college educated. He has a high paying job. Good references. Credit check was very good.

What happened?

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

That would leave me scratching my head as well...


Bob said...

Regardless of who they are, there is no accounting for how people choose to live their life. I never cease to be surprised.

Max said...

I'm gonna guess that "children" happened.

But leaving a dirty diaper on the kitchen counter and then going on vacation? Nasty! I like coming home to a clean house.

Bob said...

Max: You're gonna love the pictures I took of the inside of the rental. They make the dirty diaper on the kitchen counter like it was no big thing. I've got to do something with these people but I'm not certain how to approach it except to start with a sit down and an opening statement of WTF?!

Sexy Duet said...

My house might not always be as tidy as it could be, but it is always clean.

Do you do regular inspections or is this something that has just started? I know when I was renting we had inspections every three months so a situation like this could never get too bad.


Bob said...

Ms SD: Yes, the last one was 6 months ago. The place was fine. Something must be happening in their lives.

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