Monday, June 02, 2008


Two treasures: Mother Nature

The wife.

Here she is Saturday in the middle of the nature preserve. I take her picture. She takes mine.

She's smiling, happy, being the person she is.

Me? If I posted the picture the wife took of me on Saturday you's see that I have the game face on even though it's the weekend. No joy on my face like the wife here. No smiling only frowning (when I thought that I had a pleasant look).

Will I ever learn to relax and enjoy life? Will I ever take a picture that reflects the joy of the moment?

I'm envious of the wife and her approach to life. She's always sooooo happy. She's always so appreciative. Maybe it's because women are from Venus and this is what comes naturally to women.

When you're a guy and from Mars life can get screwed up and much too serious.

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Dawn said...

Not sure if you want an answer, but am prompted to respond... cuz it's an important subject, happiness. Mom can definitely exude that innocence of the moment. I think you can too.
Are you being in the moment? or are you in a time warp of the past, distant or 20 minutes prior? just curious. Do you see the glass half full? Do you hang on to your upsets of the day and relive them? Can you truly let go of things? They're not in your mind anymore? something to practice. Write on your mirrors and smile at yourself. You're wild and crazy by nature - time to act it. Get a hobie at the very least. I want to see that sparkle. With love, Dawn:)

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