Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's been six months to the day since Jilli left us. She was only ten. Someone just said that while you never get over the loss of your best friend you learn to adjust.

I'm a slow learner. Very slow.

Jill could catch a squash ball mid-air and then throw her head back and toss the ball back to me.

Then I'd have Jill sit while I hid the ball somewhere in the house. On the command of, "Go find the ball" she would usually go right off the top to the room where the ball had been hid and retrieve it.

That's only a couple of examples of my pal Jilli could do. She was one of those extraordinary dogs. Trained and licensed to be a pet therapy animal, Jilli brought lots of joy to those in ICU and cancer wards and assisted care facilities.

I won't go on about my Jill. I already have more than explored this subject in previous posts.

Six month later it still stings.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bob, Its never easy. The kids and I often wonder if Cinnamon (our pooch who now lives with another family) ever remembers us. On your have closure.


Anonymous said...

sending you hugs and smiles, Bob. :)

Anonymous said...

:( X&O's Bob, X&O's!

Bob said...

Thanks everyone, for your understanding. You have to have had walked a mile in these shoes to understand what the loss of a family pet means.

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