Monday, June 02, 2008


An old bud, Russell, will soon be heading to the waters of Lake Cow Town to fish, party, drink beer and pretend that he doesn't ogle at the good looking ladies. Russell is single, well off and house trained. WhAT good looking, able bodied woman wouldn't want Russell?

Russell, I happen to know that someone named Mona who will spend most of her days at Cow Town Lake this summer trolling for guys like you. Check it out and decide for yourself, Russ.



Anonymous said...

Holy hotness, she's the one! Though I prefer Grey Poupon mustard.

Anonymous said...

You are cracking me up, Bob!

I loved the post below this one. very sweet you are. :)

Anonymous said...

and i meant to say, "how hot you STILL are!!" ;)

Bob said...

Russell AKA Anon: I'll cater your wedding, dude!

Katie: Thank you. And yes, I'm feeling a bit hot now so maybe I should shed the sweater that I'm wearing. Thanks for the reminder, Katie!

Anonymous said...



Cheers Bob!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Congrats! You have officially made me spit Gatoraide all over my screen....

That was wrong on so many levels I just don't know where to begin.


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