Wednesday, June 18, 2008


5:30 a.m. roll out of bed. Open the garage door, get the newspapers.

Let the dogs out. Try to make certain they don't feast on their own poop.

Feed the dogs.

Make coffee, start the day.

Our pup, the newest dog in the pack, had poop caked on her bottom this morning. I thought what the hell, she'll take dump and knock that stuff off of her rear end.

Zinni tries and tries to poop. It seems like nothing happens. A closer check of her rear end tells me it's all caked there with some still remaining to see the light of day.

Baby wipe? Nice try Bob, but no cigar. This stuff just won't come off that way. So it is bath time at 6 in the morning. Yuck! Poopie butt at 6 in the morning is not my idea of how I want my day to begin.

Jill (rest her soul) and Zoe both had/have haircuts for that reason: Low maintenance, no butt problems, ticks are easy to find, there's not dog hair from hell to breakfast. We've not had Zinni cut thinking it was nice to have a fluffy, long haired puppy. Me? I'm having second thoughts on the subject.

If the wife were home I wouldn't give poop on the butt a second thought: She'd take care of it. Since she's not home for another 9 days, the shoe is definitely on the other foot and it's not feeling comfortable.

Hello dog groomer? I'd like to surprise my wife when she gets home.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

No Shit Bob! That should be your motto...

I think the wife will be pleased.


Anonymous said...

Wife will be please.. I say shave the dog bawled. Poopie butt, not good at all!!

Zoomie said...

Bob, I just followed a link from Anna's site and read back in yours to the sad story of losing Jilli. I can't tell you how sorry I am for you. As a friend of mine said, "you never get over the death of a loved one, but you get past it." Hope you are getting past it now...

Sexy Duet said...

I have had a morning just like that with my Jelly, now he is clipped short other than in winter when I let his coat grow a little longer.

At least his coat doesnt shed so there is no dog hair to contend with.


Blessed said...

Poor puppy dog!
Poor Bob!

Seriously how do you keep them
from feasting on their own
I want to kill my pugs!!!!
(I won't but I consider it!!!)

The Covert Lover said...

Ewww! That's why I like to look at the fluffy long hair dogs, but refuse to have one! ;)

Have a great weekend!

Bob said...

I'm shaving that damn dog bald. It's wash its butt every morning. I'll be glad when the wife gets home. She'll be on butt duty for sure.

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