Tuesday, June 24, 2008


There are 130 fires alone burning in the county of Cow Town all caused by a major lightning storm last Saturday. Other counties around us have as many fires.

Smoke is everywhere in Cow Town. The sky is covered in it. It's not healthy to be outside.

California is known as the Golden State. Well, we're getting more and more golden with the passing of every day. Crispy golden.

Some of the fires are not being fought due to limited equipment and manpower. Cal Fire is stating that it may be weeks or months before all of the fires are extinguished.

We live in a location where there's no danger of fire. But it's the smoke. The smoke. It's gawd awful.

And you know what? Another lightning storm is being forecast for this coming Saturday.

Could this be God's way of getting even with all of the stupid things Californians do?

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Flyinfox_SATX said...


I don't know about the answer to your question, but I will tell you that if it were me, I be headed towards the front line wiht my Marshmellows, chocolate bars and graham crackers....Smores anyone?


Bob said...

You're on your game today, Fox. Good one!

twilite said...

Hi Bob!

Mother Nature has a way of playing tricks with mankind...pedantic eh? Your question: don't know the answer though.

I like the pictures though. Thanks for sharing. This fire is an annual affair! All that smog...arghhhh...cannot breathe lah!

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