Monday, June 09, 2008


Today was the day to clean out the desk, line all of the things to do in a things to do pile for the next guy taking the job, take the pictures off of the wall, give the hugs, say goodbye, drive off singing, TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT! Do I sound happy? You bet your bottom dollar I'm happy.

Here's Grace and her high school buddy Kayla. Kayla graduated Friday night. The scarf Gracie is wearing was made by her high school buddy.

I can see the two staying in touch for years to come for both have the same ambition: Own a ranch and Cow Girl Up everyday of the week.
Snapped in the nature preserve Saturday. I have no clue what species of bird this is.
I've driven by this pond 160 times over the past 8 months. There's steam as you can see coming off of it on the right side of the pond. When it's cold there's a vapor cloud right over it. The water, I'm told, is really hot. There are a lot of hot springs sprinkled around the Valley. Since there are two dormant volcanoes close by the abundance of hot springs makes sense.
This photo was also taken by the wife on Saturday which I took for an omen: Bob finally has his ducks in a row. It is time to leave the Valley.

And I will.

I spent this afternoon packing. Tomorrow there will be a trip to Cow Town with one load then back on Wednesday for another. With any luck that will clean out the Valley house.

Happy Monday!

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twilite said...

Great pictures have a good week.

Bob said...

Thanks, Lea. The week has been a good one, one of the best.

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