Saturday, June 14, 2008


The wife leaves tomorrow for something like 10 days in Spain. She's flying Continental Airlines San Francisco to New York and then on to Spain.

Bob will be left at home to do what Bob does best when he's home alone:

Build beer can pyramids.

Shoot pesky backyard squirrels (heretofore protected by the wife).

Build a BB gun shooting gallery in the family room.

Eat steak dinners like there's no tomorrow (and like there's no chance of by-pass surgery).

Play bartender and create a new martini. Have the dogs sample each concoction. Then take them for a walk to see which dog falls down first.

Patch the 9mm hole in the ceiling and roof made by Bob trying to shoot that damn fly I could not reach with a swatter.

Construct a funnel specifically engineered for lighting farts.

Run up $1,000 in Pay Per View porno bills.

"Mark" my territory in the backyard so there's no mistaking that Bob is home to stay.

And probably miss the wife a whole bunch. Here's Bob, fresh from 9 months in the Valley and here's Bob all alone again.

Those polygamy people might have the right idea. At least there would always be one wife at home.

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Flyinfox_SATX said...

I am so Jealous! And you live near the valley too! I am willing to bet you get good porn!


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