Saturday, June 07, 2008


Yup. Last tango. Last weekend. It's all good.

Tonight the ladies (the wife and Gracie) and I will dine at the Spinner Falls Lodge. It's right on Fall River.

Today we drove around the valley, stopped often, ran the dogs around, enjoyed nature, observed wildlife, snapped photos, smelled the flowers and enjoyed life on life's terms.

God's beauty is often overwhelming.

These are pictures taken during our tour of the Valley.

Back in the day I could not drive without a beer between my legs. Honest. It was a matter of balance. No beer and I was out of whack. There had to be a six pack in the car so however long the drive I would not be without being in balance. What was I thinking? Or was I?

Even though this has been one bitch of an assignment, it's been gratifying. I'll not miss the stress but I will miss the beauty of the valley. There are few places left like it.

The wide-open spaces. Breathing air that really is 99% air without the particulates. The quality of living gets no better than this.
If I bought a ranch it would have to have a barn like this. A barn has to have character, the odor of its past life, organic smells of animals and feed. My barn will have soul but probably little utilitarian purpose: I am not a farmer nor a rancher nor do I wish to be. I only want to live the life without the hassle.
As the barn is a requirement on the "if I bought a ranch" so is a pond just like this one.

I'd call the pond "Bob's Buck Naked Swimming Hole and Nature Spot". I might even change my name: Bob Buck Naked.

I came into this life naked. Might as well go out as being known as buck naked.

You'd like this place.

The next post counts as number 600. It has to be special.

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Ell said...

What a fantastic looking place. I envy you the blue sky and warmth...and the barn! I love the barn. :)

Anonymous said...

600! Congrats, Bob! Awe-Striking pictures.

Cheers to Bob Buck Naked!

Bob said...

Ell: The Valley is a place where anyone could be happy. It's that beautiful.

Blither: Bob Buck Naked works for me! Thanks for the congrats!

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