Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Last night was stuffed green bell peppers. They're an old family favorite that dates back to the last century. That makes them sound old, doesn't it?

Stuffing peppers is something that's in my court which is enjoyable. It's total Zen when I'm doing stuffed peppers. Being in a Zen state is a good thing as my mind becomes filled with Alpha brain waves.

I need to do more things that generate Alpha.

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Dawn said...

I found zen eating those bad boys. Thank you. And I found zen looking for gold in the river. I spent hours in pure peace. Does that interest you? :)

Bob said...

Old Chinese saying: "True Zen is when gold in hand."
Wax on.
Wax off......:)

Blessed said...

Stuffed peppers are de-lish!
I just prefer that they are yellow peppers or orange.

Max said...

Maybe that's why I've never dug stuffed peppers, they've always been served green. So how about posting the recipe and I'll try 'em red over here. Una and I like to eat them plain raw and sliced all the time.

twilite said...

Hi Bob! I enjoy raw bell peppers whatever colors...they're sweet and crunchy. Green ones, lightly saute with frying beef - delicious and crunchy. Stuffed? First time. How about posting your 'heirloom' recipe? Thank you.

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