Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I may crab about America a lot but there's no better place to live unless you live in the USA with a politician. Politicians are all butt heads but then you knew that, didn't you?

Thanks to our Forefathers and the document they signed in 1776 (The Right to Bear Arms, Arm Bears and Drink Lots of Beer Act of 1776) the freedoms Americans enjoy today are precious. On this day Americans should appreciate:

Freedom to drink as much beer that you want.

Freedom to marry any butt ugly person you want and then say "I was just kidding." the next morning.

Freedom to use all the gasoline you can buy.

Freedom to be as fat as a pig and proud of it.

If you don't have any money, the freedom to max out all of your charge cards.

Freedom to be stupid and obnoxious in public.

And the freedom to talk on a cell phone, sip your Starbucks latte` and put on makeup while you drive your sorry ass to work.

All of this aside, Americans do have it pretty cherry. Most of us wouldn't survive a week living life on life's terms in a Third World country. We often forget how really good we have it.

When the majority of the world subsists on a daily diet of rice and beans, most Americans eat anything but rice and beans. "Would you like fries with that mystery meat burger?"is the question most asked before any meal in the USA.

It's a shame that we put our resources into war and not into helping those in this world who need it the most.

Americans ahould share their wealth with the world. If the USA had taken all of the money it's put into the Iraq war into helping the starving and poor around the world, don't you think it would have made a huge difference? And there would have enough tons of money to find a cure for cancer, HIV and erectile dysfunction. We could have done that. We still can.

PLUS! We wouldn't have lost the many American men and women along with the tremendous amount Iraqi citizens killed during the course of this so called war to free Iraq.

And for those of us who are Americans, right or wrong - bad war or good war - war with or without a purpose - let us thank our troops. Without the soldiers who serve our nation - yesterday - today and tomorrow - we'd be speaking German or Japanese today. Tomorrow it might be Chinese if we're not careful.

When I served in the military we'd always recite something right before the shit hit the fan:

"Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die." And then we'd grin at each other and do what we had to do.

The soldiers in this picture? They're saying, "Hey, is that the Bush women over there?"

I read today that President Bush is sending the female members of his family to fight the war in Iraq. The President is too busy (and too chicken shit) to fight the war himself so his women are going to the front lines. Yes, our President is letting his women do his fighting. They'll probably kick more tail than he ever could.

The "trooped out" Bush women are looking pretty good here. Even Granny Bush is ready to lock and load. There's something I love about a woman who is carrying a weapon.

People in other parts of the world hate Americans and for good reason. They should really hate our politicians - politicians like George Bush and his money grubbing Vice President, Dick the Hick Cheney. Whatever is wrong with America - they did it, not us - whatever "it's is - they did it - we didn't do! We didn't!

Okay, today's must read. If you only read one thing today - if you're a thinking person and only if you're a thinking person, this is the Fourth of July special. Keith Olberman who has a program on MSNBC spoke last night on why President Bush should resign now. Yes, now. Read what Olberman has to say. It's good stuff - stuff worth thinking about.

On this Fourth of July let freedom ring but tomorrow think about who to put into office as President come 2008. We need a strong leader who can right all of the wrongs of the past 8 years. If another President is elected who's much like George Bush we all need to be afraid of what's going to happen to America and to the world.

Happy Fourth of July.


(In case you're wondering, that was Freedom Ringing)

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Fireworks always thrill and give me shivers. No matter what, there's no place like where we were born! Happy Independence Day!

Bob said...

Yes, no place like home - and that's where I'll plop my butt today. It was 104 here yesterday and promises to be 109 today (with about 20% humidity - a dry heat). Summer has come to Cow Town. Happy day to you, too.

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