Sunday, July 08, 2007


Not about golf.

Not about making cookies.

Not about teeth.

Not about wood. It's about chipping your dog.

Last week both Pomeranians had computer identification chips inserted into upper portion of their backs. I never thought we would resort to putting chips in the dogs but it's come to that. Small dogs seem to be the object of thieves for easy resale or for envious people who just have to four legged cutie even though the dog isn't theirs.

Without any means of positive identification stolen dogs have lately been in the middle of ownership tug-of-war. A scan of a computer chip reveals who the registered owners are of the animal. We're told that a Vet cannot remove a chip and/or insert another without the permission of the owner who placed it into the dog. Most Vets, on the initial visit of a pet to their practice scan the animal for a computer chip.

Our two dogs have other means of identification. Jilli has a birthmark, Zoe a tattoo from her days of incarceration in a puppy mill. Without the computer chip, we still could ID both dogs.

All of this said, we keep close tabs on our animals and watch over them. When we travel and stop to eat, the dogs are locked either in the trailer if it's too hot outside or weather permitting, in the truck - all in plain sight of where ever we are. Backyard gates are always locked so there's no chance one is left open.

Over zealous pet owners? When animals become your children, by all means...

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Cute dogs! At first I thot they were toys but after second look and read... Here I dispense having pets in high-rise! Well, if owners are willing to pay for the chips, why not! It's a mad, mad, mad world today!!!

Bob said...

Chips were 20 bucks each. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Blessed said...

Too sweet! I love animals.
I've always wondered about that
"chip" thing. It is a great idea.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

They are the Cutest dearest little doggies, Bob! And I can understand your feelings about your dogs being your children....(My cat is definitely more than my dear companion---He Is Family! And the enconditional love I get from him...Well, you know what I mean..."Sweetie" is an indoor cat and never ever goes in the hills here, there are too many wild animals that might snatch him up for dinner...! Plus the car traffic...! He is happy as can be, and has never shown any interest in going out, I'm glad to say.

I have a strange question for you....what if the Vet is in cahoots with the dog robber....And takes the chip out without permission? I am sorry, but this came to me as I was reading your post.

Anyway, I think you are smart to do this Chip for your dear dogs! And...
Thanks for your visit!

Bob said...

Well, I guess the robbers could cut the chip out of each dog but I don't think they're that intelligent. And yes, there could be a crooked Vet who would "do the deed" without telling. It comes down to hoping that our fellow man has integrity and would do the right thing in a situation like that. Thanks for the visit - Lady of the Hills.

PS The wife is having me chipped next week. What's that all about?

Sexy Duet said...

They are the cutest things ever, they look quite different to the pomeranians we see here in Australia.

Very responsible pet ownership there.


Bob said...

Ms. SD: Our poms have haircuts which set them apart from the rest of the unshaven of their breed. Having less hair means a cooler dog, less fur around the house, easy upkeep plus we're able to check them out for ticks they pick up after a meander around the yard. When out for walks we are often stopped and asked what breed the dogs are. It's the haircuts. Makes them look like little bears, don't you think?

Bunny said...

The chips are incredibly smart. If they wander off the chips are a lifesaver. Pretty much all shelters and humane societies scan for the chips now.

Bob said...

That's nice to hear, Bunny. Thanks for sharing.

Max said...

"Over zealous pet owners? When animals become your children, by all means..."

Uhhh... ahem.. ahem.. ahem!!! Not that I want a chip, but you've got kids ;)

Bob said...

Max - better have the back of your neck scanned. You're in for a surprise.

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