Monday, July 23, 2007


Cow Town's recreation department sponsored a "fun" day on Saturday for its smallest citizens.

Our little grasshoppers practiced soccer.

Even before Saturday's event Grace was convinced that she wants to play on a soccer team this fall. With the undivided attention of her mother (as in making the mandatory practices two to three times a week), I do believe that at the tender of age of four Grace will be playing soccer.
Someone says something stupid, Grace gets this look. Here it was something her dad said.
Pucker up! Indoor hockey is played in Cow Town not on ice but on a concrete floor. There's something missing in the translation from ice hockey to hard floor hockey. It just doesn't seem right.
Costco bottled water. Yum, yum. Keep hydrated, that what the sports experts always say.

Check out the freckles. It's definitely freckle season in Cow Town.

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Rachel said...

How completely cute!

twilite said...

Hi bob! It's so nice to have a grandpa who takes beautiful photos of a beauty! Great pictures especially the one Grace smiled on something funny. One can tell Grace is loved!

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