Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Compared to the other blogs I read, What About Bob? is a Boy Scout Handbook. It's sooooo tame and soooo boring. Other blogs have like 500,000 visitors a day. HNT pictures, racy posts, and good looking ladies - that brings 'em in.

To kick this blog up a notch I could write about lots of juicy stuff. It would get me no where but the doghouse. The wife frowns on any secret I share. But for starters I could write:

She: "I'd like a date."

Me: "Funny you say that. I've been wanting to date for a long time but didn't think you'd let me."

I already make up more than enough stuff for this blog without making up any more.

As for pictures the only ones I can come up with are of kids, dogs and vegetables. HNT stuff is out of the question because of who I am and what I do.

My dogs are cute. The grandchild even cuter. The wife? She never takes a bad picture. When it comes to pictures of yours truly the best I can do is put cheese in my mouth and hope for the best. I could stick with just saying "cheese" for the camera - but me, I gotta always be different. Being Bob is always wanting to be different and strange.

What's 16 years in cat years? Fluffy and her sister Coco came to us the summer of 1991. Coco disappeared one dark night 7 years ago. We're thinking coyote as otherwise Coco would have definitely made back to us that night. She was such a great cat. She'd climb on the back of my chair and groom my head of hair. That was always interesting.

Despite her age, Fluffy is quite agile, eats like a horse and pretends she's a dog.

Here the dogs scooted under a bench to get out of the July Cow Town sun while I waited for the wife to come back with Starbucks drinks.

And that's how I'll end this boring entry. Are you still awake?


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twilite said...

Hi bob! I do not enter those sick blogs or ones just to blog to be popular! Yours is one of those decent blog which I enjoy!

Like your wife, I'd be cheeze off should you write those unmentionables or family secrets! Women are the same everywhere huh?

Bob said...

Lea: Thank you. And yes, women are definitely the same around the world. :)

Lil-Lolita said...

You have a very nice tribe, Bob. Very sweet ;)

Rachel said...

Always glad to read what's happening in your little corner of the world and happy to have you stop by mine.

I just love those dogs but you knew that right?

Have good days!

Bob said...

Lolita: Thanks!

Rachel: Yes, I knew that. Thanks for the visit.

Sexy Duet said...

We dont do the HNT pics and racy posts to bring visitors, it is just what we enjoy and really, we just blog for ourselves - somewhat of an online diary.

Your blog is just as interesting to me as any of the saucy ones we read.

Your dogs are just adorable, we dont have a breed that looks like that Down Under - their faces remind me of the red pandas at the zoo.


Bob said...

Ms. SD: Sorry - no offense meant. Yours is an exception to my off handed statement.

Sexy Duet said...

No offense taken at all Bob. All I meant to say was that everyone should write for themselves, what they enjoy.

We might get a lot of visitors but I think few are true readers, such as yourself, and those visits mean so much more.


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