Thursday, July 05, 2007


Summer has hit Cow Town.

July 3rd: 100

July 4th: 113

July 5th forecast: 112

It was like a furnace outside.

At 5 this morning it was 75 degrees outside - a sign that it's not cooling off.

Why do they call a head cold a head cold? Colds are always in your head. Everyone knows that.

I shopped last week at the discount grocery. There's a chance I picked up this virus from the shopping cart. Hands on cart. Hands on mouth or in mouth (who knows why - we all do that). Viola! Summer cold.

Sneeze. Sniff, sniff. Sneeze. Sniff, sniff. Two boxes of Kleenex and 24 hours later, I'm still feeling terrible. Next shopping trip I'm wearing gloves to the discount supermarket and keeping my hands away from the face. You'd think by now that I'd remember these things.

There's a Blue Jay nest in a tree outside the back door. Yesterday the "kids" decided to jump out of the nest and onto the ground. Since their flying abilities were limited, the two small birds spent the day jumping from the ground into a bush and then back onto the ground again all under the watchful eye of their mother. By day's end they had mastered a few flying skills that were sufficient to fly them back into their tree. Hopefully, that's where they spent the night.

I'm gonna go cut off my head. That will be the end of this damn cold.
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twilite said...

Hi bob! It's hot here but the temperature does not reach as high as yours! Goodness me. Yet at night or early morning the temperature is lower? Sorry about you cold or flu? Do take care...cheerio!

Sexy Duet said...

You have drive-thru pharmacies - that is so cool. Not that it takes that much effort to get out the care and go in the store but drive-thru would be handy.

My understanding of a head cold was where you just have the sniffles etc but not the body aches?

It is the middle of winter here but so far I have avoided getting a cold or the flu, hopefully my luck continues.

Feel better soon,


Bob said...

Lea: It's a cold and not the flu. Temp here stayed at about 78 all night. Never cooled off.

Ms. SD: Not only do we have drive through pharmacies but in some cities there's a drug dealer on every corner - something for everyone!

Stay warm!

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