Monday, July 30, 2007


Sunday morning was the perfect time for a walk. It was cool and not yet Cow Town summer hot. The dogs needed a good run off leash and they got it.

In wide open spaces, whether at the beach, at the park or as you see here, the field of my favorite elementary school, the dogs unleashed are the perfect example of unbridled joy.

When the dogs are free to run they both have big smiles. Here Jilli has one of those big smiles as she runs toward me.

Dogs do smile, don't you know?

And dogs have a vocabulary. They say the average pooch knows 200 words. Better than some two-legged creatures that I know in Cow Town.

When I loaded the girls into the truck and headed south toward the elementary school, all I had to say was "school?". Jilli begins to whine and look around well knowing where she's headed. In fact, she whined all the way to school and then barked with joy when I opened the truck door to let her out. You'd think she had been bound and gagged for 5 years and was sooooo very deprived. NOT. Jilli just loves school.

Whether at school, at the park or at the beach the dogs bark, run, bark and then run some more until you think they're both going to go into cardiac arrest. We're talking major tongue hanging out. These are happy moments.

The dogs need more unbridled joy in their lives. So do I. I should be off leash more often.

On Sunday's I like watching cars go around in circles. Around and around and around. It's called NASCAR.

It's mindless but at times interesting. Speeds often exceed 200 miles an hour as they circle the track.

Yesterday it was NASCAR racing at the Brickyard - Indianapolis Motor Speedway - around and around and around on a 2.6 mile track.

One of my favorite drivers, Jimmy Johnson hit the wall as you can see here. A fuel or oil line was crushed and Jimmy's number 48 car caught fire.

Jimmy's thinking "HOT CINDERS!" and heads for the infield so that he can bail.
The Home Depot #20 car driven by Tony Stewart (here on the left) prevailed in the final laps and won the race.

Tony was happy to win the race (raked in a million bucks) and had his moment of Sunday's unbridled joy.

When was the last time you were off leash and experienced unbridled joy?

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twilite said...

Hi bob! Hope you're feeling good although you can't talk! Hm..but there is this blog though.

I envy your dogs...their owners will unleash and set them out for good walks or runs! What companionship.

Sexy Duet said...

My Jelly loves being off his leash too and he is always good and comes back when he is told. Now if only I could get him to fetch a ball.

Being an Aussie I know nothing about Nascar but I do know #48 - he is the favourite of another blogger friend of mine so he must be good.


Bob said...

Twilight: I can talk, walk and do everything. It feels like normal again. My dogs are just the best. Thanks!

Ms. S.D.: What a great name for a dog. I wish I could tell you how to train your dog to fetch. Jilli was trained at an early age and I think it was just a lot of reinforcement and treats.

Rachel said...

Awww, can I just say that I love that dog!


Bob said...

Rachel: You just did. Jilli's one of a kind. Dogs like her don't come around very often.

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