Monday, July 02, 2007


This is really about the leadership at the highest level in the American government.

The American people have their ducks in a row. We pay our taxes. We obey the laws. We remember that we live in One Nation Under God. For the most part, we live happy, simple lives.

Thing that's wrong #4: The President of the United States could care less who has their ducks in a row. He's going to do it his way come hell of high water. Constitutional freedoms? George Bush has been the first President who has freely stomped on what our forefathers dictated long ago as being the American way of life.

Case in point: Scooter Libby (what the hell kind of name is that for a politician) - one time Chief of Staff for the "I'm Beyond the Law" Vice President of the United States.

Case in point: "We will wiretap, we will open mail, all in the name of saving you from terrorists".

Back to the scooter named Libby. President Bush pardoned Mr. Libby for all of his crimes today and excused him of the jail time he had coming. If it were you, if it were me, we'd never see the light of day.

Why didn't Bush save a lot of taxpayers dollars and pardon this fool before the trial and not after. The jurors who sat on this trial are no doubt muttering, "What was that all about?".

Richard Nixson (rest his soul) was once labeled the worse ever President of the United States.

One could say with great conviction that George Bush is what's wrong with America. and be absolutely right. Big time.

George Bush - may you be forever damned for what you've done to this country.

BTW: Above are pictured Grace's ducks all in a row. They're her best bath friends. It's a big bath tub.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! I heard on news...didn't know how to make any sense of this. Heard Hilary Clinton condemning this act. Sorry indeed.

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