Friday, July 13, 2007


Damn! Seems like I just had one. Why are birthdays once every year? Can't we skip a year once in a while?

Candace and Grace made an ice cream cake. Didn't they do a great job?

We had dinner with Grace and two of our four children at one of Cow Town's best Italian restaurants.

Our two other kids - Max is in South Korea. Todd has lit out for parts unknown and for some reason has chosen to be incognito. Hey guys, we missed you.

It was a nice time. Great food. Wonderful conversation. A priceless evening.

Dawn and husband Keith.

Scott and daughter Grace.

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twilite said...

Hi Bob! Wishing you "health is wealth" (Emerson) -- many happy returns of the day!

Bob said...

Lea: Thanks!

Sexy Duet said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Bob :)


Bob said...

Ms S.D. Your HNT gift on your blog was a great gift. Thanks!!!

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