Sunday, June 13, 2010

Your Missing Blow Up Doll

Hey your blow up sex doll missing?  It's in this video. 

Friends invited the two of us to catch a Diamonds concert at the Cowtown Music Hall tonight. Th video posted here features one of their hits.   Tonight Wifey's wearing her poodle skirt, oxfords and hair in a pony tail.  I'm going sort of informal.  You see, I'll be wearing only my Speedo's.  Only.  Hope they'll allow no shoes, no shirt, only Speedo's.  I'll also be the only guy there not only dressed for swimming...and wearing swim goggles but the only one who doesn't look like he's pregnant. 

It will be tempting to ask Tom, Dick and Harry (every old Tom, Dick and Harry will be there 'cause they like the oldies but goodies) if they know when the baby is due.  Yup.  They won't dare mess with me.  You can bet on that.  Who wants to rumble with a half naked guy who's barefoot, barechested, has a salami in his swim suit and is singing I Gotta Be Me! 

And if I get hungry during the concert, that damn salami will come in real handy.  If you're going could you please bring a brick of sharp cheddar?  Oh, and I knife, too.  You'll need to cut the cheese.   Come to think of it, after consuming a lot of that and plenty of salami it's like that I will, too!


La Roo said...

Thanks for finding our blow up doll. We've been looking all over for her. Tramp.
Hope you had fun swinging the salami.
The cologne of the night.....Deli?

weeder said...

Good to see that I'm not the only one fond of consuming cannabis once in a while...

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