Sunday, June 27, 2010

Can You Hear Me Now?
Peace, quiet, not being disturbed are at the top of the list of remaining sane in a world gone nuts.  The the top of that list is:  #1  Toss the cell phone, Blackberry, I-Phone, etc.

A year ago I did just that.  Verizon screwed me big time in breaking their contract.  And I mean it cost big time dollars to get out of it.  Bastards - after all those years of being a faithful customer I got that?   But hell, it was well worth the expense.  There's no missing the:

 "Can you hear me now?" b.s.

Checks for "bars" before making a call.

Dropped calls or receiving dropped calls (don't you hate it when idiots place a call when there's no cell reception so consequently the call is dropped but they keep trying to connect anyway. . . only to have each call dropped, so....the phone rings and stops....rings and stops - Drives me nuts!!).

Being interrupted or breaking the silence in whatever you're doing.

Now the rocket scientists are talking about the radiation emitted by a cell phone and that it is harmful.  After all these years they're just finding this out?

I figure if someone wants to talk they can call the house and leave a message.  And if I answer the phone there's the usual question from whoever is on the other end: 

Them:  "What cha doing?"

Me:  "Having sex.  Can you hear me now?"


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