Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simply Amazing

Long time friend Helen gave me a heads-up on what was on the marquee of a local Cowtown church.  Yesterday I drove by and snapped this.  Yes, our Gracie is amazing in so many ways.  In contrast to the social and emotional behavior of her parents, our girl is even keeled, on the money, chuck full of old school values (the good ones) and a delight be with.   I have to say that Grace is very much like Wifey times 10.  That's a good thing.   You'd expect that as she has spent much of her waking hours under our care since she was 6 months old.

There's no other words for Grace other than amazing. 

Each July Grace's mother, stepdad, two half brothers, and stepsister pack up and head to Monterey for what I call Jesus Camp.  It's close to a week long gathering of evangelical minded families that includes a lot of things to do (rides, games, food) along with religious oriented gatherings.  It must be fun 'cause the family goes back year after year.

Instead of tent camping this year the family borrowed a truck and rented a 30' pull trailer.  The photo taken yesterday is of Grace and step sister Hannah on the trailer steps right before their departure for Jesus Camp.  They were so excited.

I'd go to Jesus Camp if they had target shooting.   That's a favorite pasttime of mine.  Bang!  During the military years it was a  yearly requirement to demonstrate rifle proficiency.  That was worth four sharpshooter medals, the highest rifle award in the military.  You can call me bulls eye if you want to.

If Jesus Camp had target shooting it would be easy to find yours truly on the firing line.  There would be no looking for Bob.  To find my location all you would need to do is listen for someone yelling,


And that would be me.


La Roo said...

She is too cute. That Gracie.
I don't think I'd do well at Jesus camp unless there was a nude beach.

Bigger said...

Praise the lord pass the ammunition

AMEN I will see you there

Bob said...

I think there's no nude stuff going on at the camp. They're pretty prude when it comes to being nude and doing anal sex.

Yes, Bigger.

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