Sunday, June 06, 2010

One Tough Puppy

Zoe was 12 May 20th.  For some dogs being 12 is old but for others that number means little in regards to health and vigor.  The dog-perts tell us Zoe's lucky to live as long as she has.  If you look at human years into dog time 12 makes 84 dog years.  I should be so lucky.

Zoe will no longer tolerate the monthly visit to see the groomer.  Wifey takes up the slack.  Zoe wiggles, squirms, sometimes snapping at the Wife and protesting loudly that in no way does she want to be bathed, combed and cut. 

The dog-perts still maintain the position we should put our girl Zoe down.  After several days of non stop growling, yipping, yapping we come close to agreeing with that opinion and begin to step in the direction ofputting her down....then Zoe has one or more fantastic days.  She's like a 8 year old again....perky, cognizant, playful, running around with her tail up instead of down.   Oh, we think.  Maybe it's not time.  Or, maybe Zoe senses what might be coming and thinks, I'd better shape up here or else.

The vet says we'll know when it's time.  Whatever time it is, it's not yet Zoe's time. 


Bigger said...

I recently heard a story about an older dog who would not eat and was just miserable. The vet ran out of opitions and wanted to do exploritory surgery and the owner said no. They ended up giving the dog antibiotics and now the dog is fine. This was 2nd hand info. I think your situation my be a little diffrent. Dogs do become a member of the family. I wish Zoe many more days painless free life.

La Roo said...

Zoe is lucky to have you both. We should all be so lucky to have someone care with all their heart. I know this isn't easy and you are doing your best. Enjoy her.

Crash said...

oh man - you're singing my song. My old mate has cancer - it can't be cured, so it's all about quality of life for him.

Me and the missus have differing opinions on 'when', and I have come to see that it's going to have to be me who makes the call - that's just the way it is.

That day is almost here - I made a deal with myself that I would try and be as brave and selfless for him, as he has always been for me.

But I tell you Bob - my heart is absolutely breaking.

So thanks for the post ... I appreciate it more than you'd think.

Here's a link to a post with some pics of him ...

My Ole Mate

Cheers Crash [Paul]

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