Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Close Call

Ever have an experience that you were so very  close to being killed or in an horrible accident?  Makes ya think that if you had zigged instead of zagged you would have likely been singing with the angels. 

Several years ago Wifey and I were were waiting to cross a busy street in Sacramento.  It was the lunch hour.  Lots of traffic.  The pedestrian light turned green and it was our turn to cross.  I started to step from the sidewalk and in the middle of that first step I Wifey's grip pulled me back onto the sidewalk.  I went, "Whoa!"  Hell of a sensation to be pulled back when you're not expecting it.

Wifey had seen something coming that I didn't:  A woman had just gunned her car to run the red light and in doing that she drove close to the sidewalk the rush to cross the intersection.  I mean just several feet from where we were standing.   Had Wifey not pulled me back....even that one step into the street would have spelled disaster.  Surely I would have been killed....Wifey, too, had she not been on her toes.  That was one of the few times that looking both ways before crossing never entered my mind.  It was a good reminder to stop, listen and look both ways before crossing the street ...even with the green light in your favor.

So, last night.....returning home from the Diamonds concert with friends.  The red light in the intersection just up the street from the theater was our first stop on the way home.  The light turns green.  Our turn to drive across.  Half way through the intersection I see a small car speeding quickly towards us and to our right.  Friends in the backseat yell, "WATCH OUT!"   I brake quickly and stop in the midst of the intersection.  The small car, a real piece of shit vehicle, stops just feet from the side of our truck. 

From the look on the driver's face it was easy to conclude that he was  (a) Under the influence and that (b) He never ever saw the light turn red and never saw us coming.

Me:  If that little shit had hit us you'd see me haul that little bastard out of his car and kicking his ass all the way down the road to the police station.

And I would have.

Friend in backseat (who's very big and very strong):  I'd be right behind you.

In retrospect, I do wish I had done just that.  Hauled that little shit out out his piece of crap car and take his ass to the woodshed.  Yup, that would have earned a trip for old Bob to the slammer for assault.  But that little mother would have thought twice before ever running a light again.  And the lesson taught coupled with jail time would have been way worth it.

It's the teacher in me.

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La Roo said...

All this in a Speedo. :) I'd loved to have seen this.

All kidding aside, I'm very glad you're all ok.
Whewww, a close one.

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