Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Grade School Chum

An old friend from elementary, junior high, high school, and college stopped by yesterday on the way to visit his cousins in Crystal Town.  Dennis and I have known each other literally forever.  We pop into each others lives now and then.

Having just retired as head librararian for a community college, the trip from southern California to northern California was his way of kicking off the next phase of his life.

Dennis loves sailing and of course just had to drive out to the marina to meet Sparkle Plenty.  I'm not certain what Dennis is doing or thinking here.  I'll leave it to you to make something up. 

We sat on the boat for a while talking about people we knew, things we did in school, old girl friends...stuff like that.  Marina Mike stopped by the boat and snapped this photo.

After an hour of this we left the marina for lunch with Wifey at the Hippie Dippie restaurant just down the line from the lake.  Salads, sandwiches, ice tea and lots of conversation.  Wifey went to the rival high school across town from where Dennis and I attended school.  We knew lots of the same people so the stories flew like crazy.

After lunch it was back to the house for more conversation and a photo with Dennis with me with the eyes closed.  After all these years you'd think I'd be able to pose for a decent picture.

You can tell by the photo that Dennis looks about 4 months preggers.  When I was about to ask him when the baby was due Wifey knew exactly what was about to be said and pinched my butt royally.  Knowing the price I'd have to pay it was shut up time leaving me with no clue when Dennis is going to have his baby.  Your guess is as good as mine.

After four hours of time at the marina, food and conversation Dennis departed Cowtown for his destination promising to come back, stay for a while and sail with us.   

Another out of town friend is dropping by Wednesday morning for sailing, dinner later that evening (my Chicken Cacciatore) and an overnight stay. 

It's all good, don't you think?

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