Thursday, June 03, 2010

They're Coming!

The tenants are coming!  The tenants are coming! 

They'll be here today around noon fresh from their trip from Iowa to Cowtown.  Yahhoooo!

For the past 32 days it's been fixing, cleaning, tidying, replacing, tweaking, and sweating in preparing the home for the new tenants.  It looks just like new again.  Paint inside.  Paint next week on the outside.  Fixtures.  New flooring in many places.   Landscaping looking like something out of House Beautiful. 

The only regret is that after all this work that we're not selling this property.  Given the sorry state of the local real estate market, selling now is definitely not the wise thing to do.  But it looks like the tenants will be in the home for three years or more.  That's money in the bank.   After three years I'm thinking the market will be looking good (how's that for optimism?) and we'll sell this home.

The new tenants promise to be winners.  The man in the family just graduated from medical school and is serving a three year residency at one of Cowtown's hospitals.  His wife is a stay at home mom (a teacher by trade) with their two preschool age children.   Everything points to this family maintaining the home in as best condition possible, given normal wear and tear.

They're going to love living there.  For example, it's right next door to a pond and across the street from a small lake.   Just yesterday we found turtle egg shells in the backyard.  Yes, shells.  Turtles living in the pond have a habit of laying their eggs in and around the backyard of the home.  Their little girls are going to delight in the beauty of nature that's right in their own backyard.

And I'm going to delight in a monthly rental check for the next three years to cover all the cash expended bringing this home back into acceptable (there's that word, Laroo :) ) condition.  The fixing/repairing and the bleeding of outgoing cash has finally stopped!

Now I can get my life back.  Back to sailing.  Back to blogging.  Back to whatever it is I do with my time (always busy, never sitting). 

Click Click (the sound of two heels twice together and Bob being happy, happy, happy).


La Roo said...

You done good Bob. Now it's Bob time.!
Just think, you'll earn back the cash forked out in no time. Yay for new tenants!
Just an owner of this rental, can you do periodic walk throughs. Just to keep up on things before they get to bad. I didn't know if that was legal?

Bob said...

We did periodic walk throughs. On the surface all looked good. It really did. I guess we need to be even more thorough, though. It's legal to check things out once in a while.

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