Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Table for Four

Dennis snapped this photo of the four of us on Monday.  Wifey is holding Zeenie.  I've got the wild child, Kiri, age 6 months, the latest addition to the family.   She is hell on wheels.  The look on her face here?  It's always present to indicate that Kiri is ready for wrestling, ball throwing, a romp around the yard, a game of chase or for mischief.  She's a love. 

Today is for sailing.  Fried chicken.  Cole slaw.  Potato salad.  Fruit.  Cold drinks.  Everything we need but only one thing that might be missing:  Wind. But if that's missing today we'll drop the sails, drop the anchor in a shady cove, eat, drink, crank up the boat's sound system and enjoy the day.

It's summertime and the living, well, it's easy.


Bigger said...

I just hope when I get older I can enjoy my life like you seem to. You always are up beat and easy going. Also willing to help others.

La Roo said...

You are the cutest frickin people!!!

Count me in for lunch. yum.

Bob said...

Bigger: Wait, wait! When you get older like me? How old do you think I am? Bob is just 39 and looking rough around the edges. I've had a tough life and it shows.

Laroo: Lunch is ready. Come and get it!

Bigger said...

I have not hit the 30 mark yet but am real close. at 28. my wife on the other hand will see the 3-0 this year. I do apploigise about that but to me you are older Not old just older

Bob said...

Bigger: No sweat . . . I wrote the previous comment with a smile and tongue in cheek. No harm, no foul and please, no need to apologize.

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