Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It Could Drive You Nuts

This afternoon I shot the video of Zoe that's seen here.  Check my comments that are attached to the video's page.   Click on them to expand.

Wifey has a difficult time tolerating Zoe's non stop fussing.  Me?  After working with kids for so many years I can pretty much shut out most any noise and concentrate on whatever it is that I'm doing. 

When you view this remember that Zoe's condition is about her mind.  Physicially she's in tip top condition for a dog her age.  No injuries.  No disease.  It's all in her head.

It's tough going for Zoe.  It's also tough going for Wifey and I.

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eva said...

Aww poor Zoe!
I answered your question in my blog, by the way ;)

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