Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SHIT!  What next?!!

So I'm driving home this morning after running errands.  Nice drive.  Sirius satellite radio tuned to their jazz channel.  Cool stuff being played.  I'm in my chee . . .

Out of the corner of my eye I see something move on the hood of the truck's hood.  A mouse sticks its head out of the hood just next to the wipers.  What a cutie, I thought.

Second thought:  Oh, crap.  I know what that means.  A friend just went through the hassle of having mice set up housekeeping in her Lexus.  Major damage in the thousands.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Dodge dealer to find the next of mice and determine how much damage has been done to the truck.

I just finished putting the Last Supper thoughtfully in and around the garage. Can't have freaking mice procreate by the dozens under my roof.  Eat up, little critters!  EAT UP!

It wouldn't be life if things like this didn't happen.  Think of how boring every day living would be.


Joker_SATX said...

Well, here is hoping everything turns out OK. If not...I'll be over for Rat Burgers!

La Roo said...

Years ago, my sister was having engine trouble and come to find out, mice were stashing dog food all inside her engine compartment.

Anonymous said...

Bobby!! Heads up! Mice also EAT wiring!!!! Make sure the dealer does a REAL THOROUGH inspection!!!I think you might want to consider hiding "Sufer-Dude" under the hood...even though his mouth is covered up, he'd could still be a good scare tactic!!! oxoxJoanie

Ziongal said...

The Old Man and I were out picking up animals (he's a butcher) and while I waited in the truck for him to load hogs into the trailer, I spied a little gray friend scurry from under the driver's seat and disappear into a little cranny under the dash. Lovely. I can't believe it hasn't frozen to death up here in the Great White North.

Bob said...

Joker: With or without tail?

Laroo: Those little devils!

Anon: You're on but only after the photos, my dear.

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