Monday, December 07, 2009

Random Rambling

Written last week but published Monday, 12/07:

#1  While working on Sparkle Plenty yesterday:  Man approaches and obvious he wants to talk.

Him: Nice boat.

Me: Yeah, it's a real tub, isn't it.  Are you camping or do you have a boat in one of the slips?

Him: I'm living out of my van.  Just here for the night.  Headed for Eureka to find a cheap place to camp.  Been doing this for about three years now.  Heat soup on a little stove in the van.  Try to stay warm at night. Living on Social Security.  They were taking 100 bucks out of my check for health care.  I'd rather have the money.  Major health problem comes up I'll solve it with Mr. Smith and Weston.

As I walked back to the parking lot I noticed one of the boats with a lot of animal crap in it.  Bob, the marina manager tells me an otter has taken up residence and has a habit of shitting where he sleeps.   Here's hoping Mr. Otter doesn't move down the dock to Sparkle Plenty.  

#2  On Tiger Woods:  What's the big deal?  Adultery happens all the time.  That shit is in our genetic makeup.   We act like Tiger's little fling or flings is something new all judging by the press it is getting.   Boys are going to be boys and girls are going to be girls.  Doesn't make it right but nonetheless adultery will always be a fact of life.  Get over it and let's get on with something that matters like global warming, the senseless killing of our troops, and watching out for China to start the next major world conflict.

#3  This year we're forwarding a major donation to an African village in support of their school.  It feels right. 

#4  I'm loving the new contract lens prescription.  It's nice to put all that's in front of me in focus.

#5  College football:   It would have been nice for Oregon State to knock down Oregon last week.  It was just not meant to be.   Saturday Nebraska (my home boys) goes against Texas for the Big 12 Championship.  Go Huskers!

#6  Visiting with the dermatologist this morning and hoping the facial treatment is coming to an end.  Visited the hospital yesterday for more tests and everyone remembered who I was for what I think is my horribly red and crusty forehead  Hard to forget a face like that!  Hopefully the end for this process is near.  It will be nice to be able to appear in public without a hat covering that mess up.

#7  If this is the season to be jolly why am I feeling less than that?  Try listening to a song on You Tube called the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams) and then let me know if it moves you towards holiday spirit.

#8  Turn signals on cars.  If no one uses them why put them in new cars?

#9  The kicker within this post happened Friday:

Me: I've been experiencing tingling sensations on the left side of my face.  This landed me in the E.R. as Wifey et. al.  thought is was a stroke.  Everyone thought Bob was about ready to buy the farm. 

Dermatologist:  Oh, that's a side effect of the topical ointment you're applying to your face.

Me:  I called your office last week and asked if that was the case.  I was told that the ointment wasn't a factor.

Dermatologist:  Well, it is.  What you're feeling is the drainage down your neck and a tingling sensation all due to the wounds on your forehead.

I guess I should have smacked the dude.   He did have it coming or at least his office assistant did.

So I went through hell in the ER, tests, stuck with needles for nothing.....If this isn't a good example of "life" I don't know what is.  I am relieved but I'm also pissed that what I went through could have been prevented.

Someone once said that it's better to be pissed off than pissed on.  Well hell, I am pissed and I'm all wet with piss, too.  I got the two-for one special.   Hahaha on Bob!

The ultra sound test on the carotid arteries?    Blockage in each artery from the base of the neck to the head are rated on a scale of 1-7 - seven being major duty blocks.  Both arteries were completely clear and not even a ONE on this scale.   This was the best news of the week.

I'm out of stuff to ramble about.


Dawn said...

Im so happy you got answers!
That's a huge relief!!! Now you can focus on cheerier thoughts - makes a big difference in your day.
Rest easy and CHEERS! YAY!

Max said...

Dad... If the otter finds your boat, solve with Smith & Wesson!

As for Tiger Woods, been explaining the instinct of animals to Una on that one.

As for the tingly face, man, glad to hear that's over. And the clear arteries, hope I've inherited that!

La Roo said...

#1 Would you ever have to worry about someone camping out on your boat? People..I mean.

#2 Yeah, why do guys do that. Just say I'm done and then go do their thing. But I do agree, who gives a S**t. It happens everyday to all kinds of families. What makes him special.There are way more important issues.

#3What a great cause.

#4 I can see clearly now the rain has gone, I can see all the obstacles in my way.......blah blah hmmmm,
It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunny day.

#5 Go Huskers!! Shuck that corn. Shish boom bah!!

#6 I'm sure it's way worse to you than others around you.

#7 It's just a made up time. If you just happen to be jolly at that time it's a bonus. But if you're not so joyful oh well. It's just a made up time that seems to some how make you feel you should act or be a certian way. Did that make sense? No ...forget it

#8 I use mine, I like the little tink tink noise.

#9 Oh god Bob, I know you must have been livid! I need to ccome up there and kick some dermatologist ass. I can't believe that happened. What the hell??? Someone needs to be fired in his office for giving out wrong info. I want to know, does this doc go home going....oh shit that Bob guy just was ran through a gammit of tests for basically no reason? I goofed. Or does it not even faze him what you went through. That makes me mad.
I was really worried..... I'm glad you're ok.
I got your back Bob.

I know, I know, why did she go through putting he two cents in......because I felt like it.
Have a good day!!

Bob said...

Dawn: Thanks!

Laroo: #9 and others - THANKS!

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